J-FARM, new joint venture with Alajmo

J-FARM, new joint venture with Alajmo

The Alajmo Group will run our Campus whole food offering.


Attention to the territory, research, experimentation, and innovation are some of the values we share with the Alajmo brothers.

The youngest chef ever to be awarded 3 Michelin stars, Massimiliano Alajmo is considered a unique interpreter of the Italian cuisine. Together with his brother Raffaele (Raf), CEO and maître des lieux of the Alajmo group, he runs 11 restaurants in Padua, Venice, Cortina, Paris and Marrakech, a line of gastronomic products and an events company.

Alajmo will run all the establishments located on our Campus:

  • Le Cementine restaurant
  • Amor in FARM, a fast-casual experience at the centre of the Campus
  • La Serra restaurant
  • Al 4 pizzeria 
  • In.gredienti shop on the Welcome Center