H-ACK New Banking Frontiers: mission accomplished!

H-ACK New Banking Frontiers: mission accomplished!

The return of our H-ACK was an opportunity to start writing a good story again. 

This H-ACK too has come to an end. It was a success that saw the participation of many creative and enthusiastic young people who tried to find new solutions to identify the latest innovative experiences based on social engagement and gamification dynamics for Intesa Sanpaolo customers.

The H-ACK took place last December, but the experience for the winning team ended on February 7 with a trip in Turin. Guests in the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper, the students not only had the opportunity to exhibit their project in front of the Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Communication, Culture and Marketing team but also to get to know and discuss with professionals in the banking sector.

Among the numerous solutions presented during the H-ACK, the winning project was conceived by the GEEAAR team, which proposed BeIntesa as a new section of the Intesa Sanpaolo Mobile app to ensure that customers interact with the Bank on a daily basis, thus promoting engagement and loyalty. In addition, through the dynamics and process of the game applied in a non-playful context and to concepts that are usually difficult to understand, even the youngest users are encouraged to get closer to the banking world. And it is precisely on the involvement that Intesa Sanpaolo wanted to bet.

H-ACK New Baking Frontiers is just one stage of the broader collaboration between H-FARM and Intesa Sanpaolo which focuses on the issues of digital innovation and creating new opportunities for growth and awareness for young people.