H-FARM College and Nakheel: driving change through leadership

H-FARM College and Nakheel: driving change through leadership

Leading companies don’t just react to the future, they design it and actively shape it”: H-FARM College and Nakheel have shaped a unique learning program that kicks off today in Dubai. 

The “Lead into the Future 2023 Program-Digital Excellence Academy” kicks off today in Dubai: this is the first step in an important partnership between the world-leading developer Nakheel and H-FARM College. 

H-FARM College and Nakheel have engaged into a long-term collaboration to enhance the digital awareness of its managers and build an acceleration path to reap the benefits arising from the widespread adoption of new technologies. 

The Program is a custom-designed learning experience aimed at Nakheel's managers – 66 high level executives from every business department – and led by H-FARM College professors Pierluigi Fasano, professor of BigData and AI in business, and Nicolò Andreula, professor and scientific director of the Master Executive in Digital Entrepreneurship.

The focuses of Day 1 and Day 2 (May 8th-11th, 2023) are the concepts of “Exponential Age” and “Anticipatory Leadership”: through teamworks and frontal lessons participants have the opportunity to understand how construction industry will perform over the next 30 years and “jump” into future scenarios as far as real estate, hospitality and construction business segments. 

Then, they analyze the evolution of management and look into the more advanced trends in leadership in order to inspire a forward-looking organizational culture where learning and adapting is part of every day work. 

Part 2 is coming soon in Venice and H-FARM Campus in June, stay tuned for more.