So Far So Good-Alumni on the Road

So Far So Good-Alumni on the Road

With the "So Far So Good – Alumni on the road" project, a multi-stage tour of Europe in the name of environmental sustainability, mathematics teacher Nicola Mazzari promotes a fundraiser for scholarships and meets over 30 former students.

From the H-FARM Campus to Copenhagen to meet its former students: a special project kicks off today, So Far So Good – Alumni on the Road, a bike trip that will see our super professor Nicola Mazzari as the protagonist.

Nicola will accompany us to get to know the cities, jobs and goals for the future of over 30 young students who left from the H-FARM Campus where they attended the Digital Management course and who are now building their careers in prestigious international companies.

With the "So Far So Good – Alumni on the road" project, Professor Mazzari wants to promote a series of values, in particular the importance of guaranteeing access to innovative, digital-oriented and quality training for deserving students raising funds to support the H-FARM Foundation "H for Human" engaged in scholarship programs. At the same time, promote awareness of the importance of sustainable mobility through the use of bicycles only and public transport for travel along the journey.

"So Far So Good – Alumni on the road" emphasizes an educational and teaching model that finds its maximum expression in H-FARM College. In fact, the project aims to create opportunities for sharing, entrepreneurship and innovation as an integral part of the students' growth path, enhancing the wealth of experience and professionalism of the Alumni.

”So Far So Good – Alumni on the road” is supported by Cinelli, PH Apparel and VAP Cycling. The project kicks off today on the H-FARM Campus and will end in Copenhagen on June 4, 2023.

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