Enrolment boom: this year more than 1700 students in our schools

Enrolment boom: this year more than 1700 students in our schools

Our educational offer increasingly convinces families and young people who choose one of our educational paths.

Our reality continues to grow and convince: more than 1700 students have chosen one of our courses this year.

The new year sees 260 new students sitting in class, adding to last year's students on our Campus and the schools in Rosà and Vicenza. It also marks the sell-out of the boarding service, which can accommodate over 240 male and female students from secondary school onwards, and 125 is the number reached for the participants of the IB Diploma Programme, the final two-year High School programme.

This is a significant number that confirms the growing interest not only of families, but also of young people and professionals, in a new education that provides subject knowledge, but above all the appropriate skills and tools to seize the opportunities provided by the digital transformation.

Our training path is complete for children, young people and adults and starts from our International School and then goes on to College with three-year degrees, specialised degrees, university masters and refresher courses, and BigRock, the most important computer graphics school in Italy, and BigWave, the most recent coding school.