Digital Management: summer admission test

Digital Management: summer admission test

Start your University career with Ca’ Foscari and H-FARM

Apply now for the Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Management! Read here the steps to complete the admission procedure.

If you are a student who wishes to apply to this 3-year course, you must take the TOLC-E or the SAT admission test, which is required for the enrollment. Deadline: July 18 at midnight.

Take a look at the following steps:

– apply online for the Ca’ Foscari selection (via Cisia's website)

– on July 24 the list of applicants who accessed to the interview will be published

– interviews will be held remotely on July 25 e 26

– check if you’ve been admitted (list published on August 5)

– you have time until August 9 to confirm your application by paying the first fee

Tests will be available in Italian and in English. You can check the full calendar of TOLC-E tests via Cisia website (it is not possible to attend more than one test per month).

In order to apply a B2 English level is required.


If you’re already attending the Ca’ Foscari University or a different University and you’d like to transfer to the Digital Management 3-year course, it may be possible, following this procedure.

The required steps are:

– credits recognition request

– submission of internal transition request

There’s availability of 13 new students for the Year 2 and 11 new students for Year 3.

You need a minimum of 48 credits ant al least 30 credits in english in order to be eligible for the transfer.

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