WPP is the unique sponsor of the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

WPP is the unique sponsor of the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics

Creative thinking ranks first in the top 10 skills that will be most requested by 2027 according to the Future of Jobs Report 2023 of the World Economic Forum. Creativity and innovation are two sides of the same coin: complex and constantly changing scenarios require people capable of developing new ideas quickly and effectively.

Starting from these premises, WPP, the global leading creative transformation company in the advertising, public relations and marketing sectors and H-FARM College have signed a partnership to train creative talents on the most requested digital skills, encouraging deep connections between job market and Gen Z.

As part of the partnership, WPP is the sole sponsor of H-FARM College’s Master Degree in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics, starting in September 2024. WPP will play an active role in training the creative talents of the future, contributing to the design of the program and to teaching courses. The H-FARM Campus is the backdrop, an innovation hub where you can discover, cultivate and connect the best talents, enhancing creativity as a fundamental skill for building the future.

«WPP stands out as a virtuous example of adaptation and integration of the skills necessary to navigate the digital transformation in the communications sector. Our ability to evolve with the emerging creative and technological landscape, with particular attention also to Artificial Intelligence, is fundamental to supporting clients to enhance relevance and competitiveness. The partnership with H-FARM College offers us a privileged point of contact with the new generations and reflects our commitment to training talents ready to face the challenges of digital communication. This collaboration allows us to continue investing for the benefit of innovation, combining digital skills and creativity» underlines Simona Maggini, WPP Country Manager in Italy

The Master’s Degree, i.e. a British qualification at the same level as an Italian master’s degree, which however provides a total of 90 ECTS in a period of 12 months, is entirely in English and is provided in collaboration with the University of Chichester, among the 30 best universities in the United Kingdom in terms of teaching quality (source: The Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide 2023). 

The objective of the program, directed by Professor Massimiliano Fusari, is to provide students with a complete understanding of the latest technologies that are revolutionizing the world of marketing and creative communication, preparing them to take on the roles intended to design and implement new omnichannel and digital strategies by constantly measuring them. the performances.

«The partnership with WPP represents a further step in building the value that H-FARM College intends to offer to its students who will thus have the opportunity to access the excellence in terms of creativity, marketing and communication strategies that WPP will bring with its contributions» explains Antonella Sannella, Executive Director of H-FARM College. «The dynamic and timely integration, in our bachelor’s and master’s degrees, of visions and models developed by global market leaders, such as WPP, further shortens the distance between the skills acquired in a university course and those necessary for companies to lead their future development

The courses will cover topics such as Digital strategy, Digital promotion and advertising, performance marketing, online PR, big data, analytics, as well as advanced research methods for business.

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