“Making tasty, high-quality gluten-free foods accessible”: the challenge of Terved, a startup founded by one of our Alumni, Diego Di Giovanni

Hi Diego! What do you take with you from your study experience at H-FARM College? A memory in particular that you would like to share…?

HI! My experience at H-FARM College has been overwhelmingly positive. It opened my eyes to a completely new vision of the world, stimulating my creativity and my propensity for innovation. I have learned the importance of keeping my eyes and ears open to continue learning and growing. However, what I cherish most fondly are the bonds of friendship that I cultivated during my years there: I remember when, after exams, my classmates and I would have long chats together to ease the classic “post-exam tension”.. .

What are you doing today? Which hard/soft skills learned in College were most useful for your work experience?

Two years ago, together with my partner we created our startup, Terved. Our mission is to ensure that dietary options are no longer a barrier, we want to make them accessible anytime, anywhere. The skills developed at College that certainly helped me the most in launching Terved were those learned during the Marketing and Finance lessons, but at College I also developed key soft skills such as flexibility, teamworking, active listening and creative thinking. All skills that have proven to be crucial to face daily challenges and to the success of our startup.

If we asked you to list three fundamental pieces of advice that you have received over time from when you were a student to today, what would they be?

In my life I have always tried to get closer to people who are more experienced than me, both from a professional and personal point of view, to learn something from them. In my case, three fundamental pieces of advice that I have received and which I consider to be of great value – without which I would not have grown either professionally or professionally – are:

  • Don’t wait until you feel ready to do something, because you will never be: often, waiting for the perfect moment can become an obstacle that prevents you from progressing; this is why it is important to take the initiative and act, even if you feel uncertain or not fully prepared.
  • Start where you are and build from there: It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by big goals or ambitions, but it’s important to remember that every big accomplishment is the result of small steps taken over time. Focus on what you can do today, with the resources and knowledge you already have available, and gradually move towards your goals.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask; if you don’t ask, the answer is already a NO, but if you ask, you might surprise yourself and get a YES. Many opportunities can pass us by simply because we didn’t have the courage to ask. It is important to overcome the fear of rejection and have the courage to ask for help, feedback or opportunities.
Is there a particular power phrase you tell yourself to boost your energy…?

Since we started our startup we have had many down moments along the way, but what we always try to repeat to ourselves is: “Right now we may not understand all the sacrifices we are facing, but once we reach the goal, we will look back and everything will make sense.” This phrase helps me remember that every difficult moment, challenge and sacrifice I face today helps create my future and motivates me to persevere towards my goals, knowing that in the end everything will make sense and be worth it.