A special football match against Nazionale Italiana Creators

A special football match against Nazionale Italiana Creators

A day full of passion for football: on September 28th we had the pleasure of hosting Nazionale Italiana Creators on our Campus for a truly special occasion: the first stop of the Creator Soccer Tour.

An exceptional triangular tournament saw the National Creators Team, the GG National Team – the selection of the best Italian Gamers – and the home team H-Sports Club in which a selection of H-FARM College students play.

Nazionale Creators, born from an idea of ​​Paolo Giovannini and Riccardo Perazza from Treviso, counts on a team of 30 content creators and influencers from all over Italy – from Luca Campolunghi to Nicolò Pirlo – with a total community of 100 million of followers.

The tournament was preceded by a test match between the Nazionale Italiana Creators team and the Beavers, the team of high school students from H-FARM International School.

“Together with H-FARM we strongly wanted to build this launch event, activating an important synergy to give the public and the teams a stage where they can give their best and bring a beautiful message of sharing and sport”, says Paolo Giovannini , President of Nazionale Creators.

“National Creators is the perfect example of interaction between digital and analogue, it is a field of experimentation and it is a different way of communicating, of interacting with communities, of looking at languages ​​and forms of relationship with Gen Z. For this reason we decided to support and become the “home” of such an interesting project.” explains Marco De Rossi, Head of Marketing and Admission of H-FARM College.

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