Navigating the journey from student life to adult life

Navigating the journey from student life to adult life

College is one of the first and most excruciating crossroads in student life. Transitioning from school to college and from college to adult life with all the implications starting from finding your job,  can be a maze of uncertainty for many young students. The doubts and questions – Am I choosing the right path?” or “How do I translate my education into a successful career?” or “Am I prepared enough to be successful? – are common. Yet, there’s a beacon of guidance in this journey: the burgeoning field of academic and career coaching.

Understanding the transition challenges

The leap from academic life to a professional career is more than just a change of environment; it’s a fundamental shift in roles and expectations. About 76% of students at public four-year institutions persist in their education, but the real challenge is in translating this education into career success​​. This transition phase is critical, as students grapple with decisions that shape their future.

The role of coaching in easing transition

Coaching has emerged as a key player in smoothing this transition. Tailored coaching programs, such as those offered at progressive institutions like H-FARM College, provide a holistic support system. These programs focus on individual needs, promoting academic success, retention, and crucially, the development of soft skills that are invaluable in the workplace​​​. 

Let me share some benefits of coaching:​

  • Personalised support: each student receives one-on-one guidance, allowing them to identify their strengths and create actionable plans for their future​​;
  • Skill development: coaching helps in honing vital soft skills such as effective communication, problem-solving, and adaptability, which are increasingly demanded in the modern workforce​​;
  • Emotional and social intelligence: coaches help students in developing emotional and social intelligence, crucial for working collaboratively and forming meaningful connections in professional settings​​:
  • Increased self-awareness: students gain clarity on their values and aspirations, aiding in better decision-making for their career paths​​;
  • Accountability and motivation: coaches act as a steady source of motivation, assisting students in staying committed to their goals​​.



H-FARM College’s Personal Development Program: be the best version of yourself

All the facts and research confirmed our determination at H-FARM College in bringing to life  the new Personal Development Program where I am very proud to lead and deliver the 1:1 caring. 

The goal is to let you know the superpowers of the person you know the least: yourself! 

The Personal Development Program was launched in 2023 for the academic year 2023-2024.

Students start taking the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), a very popular and accessible personality assessment, as a tool to take the first steps towards self discovery and analysisAt the first meeting, I introduce the program to students and we use the personality type as a starting point to dig into the student’s strengths and weaknesses, to work effectively to develop further. The conversations are intimate, personal and trustful. Only a truly personal touch can make an impact in preparing students for a world where interpersonal skills and teamwork are paramount. 

What do we cover in the 1:1 sessions? We focus on allowing them to feel and understand what is important to the student, what makes them unique and what they find more difficult or challenging. Sometimes the best outcome is not finding the job, but finding your true self and developing your unique superpowers with all the self-confidence that comes with it. Once they start understanding how to listen to their inner voice, it is time to work with them to phrase their newly discovered strengths and weaknesses, and to present them for example in a job interview (using role play) or in a cover letter. Together, we work on identifying development areas and obstacles that prevent from improving their performance (organisational skills, goal setting, time management/agenda planning, etc.).This very practical approach makes the results tangible and gives the students material for self reflection and to work on in their own time.



A guiding light in the transition

The journey from studentship to adult life doesn’t have to be a solitary trek. Coaching services provide a guiding light, helping students navigate this crucial phase with confidence and preparedness. 

Personal Development Program is not just about academic success; it is about developing the best version of yourself, for life, for work, for friendship and for love. 

As we continue to witness the evolution of society, the role of coaching will become increasingly integral in bridging the gap between college and career, ensuring that students are not just educated but truly prepared for life beyond the campus.



And what about you? Have you already booked your appointment with H-FARM College to explore your future?

Ilaria Pernice, Psychologist, Personal Development Program Professor of Practice

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