Alumni Day di Primavera

Alumni Day di Primavera

Today, our Alumni and H-FARM College students took part in the event “Alumni Day di Primavera”: a day to celebrate the importance of mentoring and remember precious moments of the study period on Campus.

There is no magic formula to become a successful entrepreneur, but there are certainly methods and a mindset to learn to be able to build a company.” With these words Gianluca Nigro, Talent Growth Lead of the startup Cosmico, kicked off a special day today, the “Alumni Day di Primavera”.

An event that saw the participation of numerous Alumni, former students who in recent years have obtained a three-year Degree or Master’s Degree in H-FARM College. A strong and growing community, created to enhance the Alumni's wealth of experience and professionalism by fostering opportunities for meeting, discussion and networking.

In his kick-off speech, Gianluca retraced the history of Cosmico, a reality whose history is linked to the experience of its co-founder, Francesco Marino, a former student of the Executive Master in Digital Entrepreneurship (MADE) at H-FARM College.

Cosmico is a startup that connects digital talents with the largest international consultancies, companies and startups, a "bridge between organizations and remote talents".

Different talents, skills and know-how came together in its genesis, but an important role was played by the model of listening, which Francesco learned among the desks and classrooms of MADE.

Gianluca's speech was followed by a workshop by Carla Ferrero, Founder of Ni-Cons Career Consulting and expert in mentoring programs in universities.

A great opportunity also for the current H-FARM College students who in the afternoon interfaced directly with the Alumni by participating in the "Be a Mentor" workshop.


An heartfelt thanks to all the participants!