Strengthening relationships with Lynn University 

Strengthening relationships with Lynn University 

On 7th and 8th February we had the pleasure of welcoming to our Campus RT Good, Dean and Professor of Lynn University (College of Business and Management), a prestigious Florida college with over 3,500 students, based in the city of Boca Raton. 

The visit took place in the frame of an important relationship between us: in his days here, RT took a closer look at our education model and the uniqueness of the H-FARM ecosystem, discovering the pillars on which our positioning in the European context is based.

Riccardo Donadon, Founder and President of H-FARM, told him about the vision that inspires and guides our actions, concretely projecting us into the future, while the meeting with Antonello Barbaro, CEO of H-FARM Education, was meant also to explore possible collaboration opportunities beyond the already scheduled projects.

The Executive Director of H-FARM College Antonella Sannella illustrated the role of our Institute for undergraduate and postgraduate education within the H-FARM educational ecosystem, highlighting the underlying values ​​and distinctive features of the learning experience and illustrating the growth plans in terms of programmes, number of students and strategic alliances.

Finally, Silvia Dell’Acqua, Head of Corporate Development and Career Service, talked about the international collaborations we are developing with other universities, highlighting the importance of the relationships we build with companies every day: the final event of the challenge with Hugo Boss – event that RT was able to attend also meeting some of the managers of the German fashion house – is just an example of this.

The feedback from RT was very positive and at the end of the visit he expressed heartfelt words of appreciation for our ecosystem and above all of enthusiasm for the joint projects we will be working on in the coming months. Among these there is the “Shaping an innovative entrepreneurial mindset” training course starting in October and involving some students from Lynn University.

“RT Good’s visit represents a step forward in our internationalization process. The active involvement of American universities – in May we will also host some students from Georgetown University – is helping us to focus on the great value we can offer, as well as what we can receive and teach to students and all the actors of our ecosystem. The feedback we are receiving regarding our model is exciting and will certainly push us to build beautiful projects.”

underlines Antonella Sannella, Executive Director of H-FARM College.

During the visit, Matthew Cooper, Dean of Faculty, Raffaele Testorelli, Lecturer and Coordinator of the Business & Economics courses, and Timothy O’Connell, Senior Partner & Director of the Entrepreneurship & Startup Center, told RT about our training offer and the frontier topics covered by BSc and MSc courses. 

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