Working at a “Gen-Z” consulting agency within the university?
Arianna and Tommaso tell us what it means to be part of Lumina.

HI! Would you like to tell us a little about yourself and what inspired you to study at H-FARM College…?

Arianna: Hi, I’m Arianna and I come from Valdobbiadene. After graduating in International Relations for Marketing, I understood that I wanted to continue my studies in an international context to adequately prepare myself for future challenges and changes.
I am now in my second year of International Business. The main reason that pushed me to choose H-FARM College was the desire to interface with a more innovative and dynamic environment than what I was used to, in order to grow personally and professionally, in the hope of one day being able to have a more modern in the family business. Furthermore, I was looking for a place to study where the person was put at the centre, I wanted to feel recognized as an individual and not as a simple number.
Furthermore, I consider myself an active person, who loves to get involved, especially in my passion: horse riding. Which is why I got my Engea instructor license and have now been teaching children, teenagers and adults for a few years.

Tommaso: Hi, I’m Tommaso, I’m 21 years old and I’m in my second year of International Business. I come from Verona and I chose H-FARM College after a year of Dentistry in Rome, following my experience in a scientific high school. I am a person who hates remaining inactive, doing nothing; this was the main motivation that pushed me to change from Dentistry to International Business. On the one hand, there was a fascinating career but with a more defined path, on the other, a career that requires continuous and constant updating to stay abreast of the latest trends and make the most of opportunities. For me, H-FARM College has been an opportunity for rebirth, the place where my ambitions are realized, where I dream and where I truly feel like myself. Innovation and sustainability are topics that have always fascinated me, and for this reason H-FARM College has been a real safe haven. I recently became a ski instructor, one of my greatest passions, in addition to golf and tennis. I love sports, and studying the things I’m passionate about. I can’t wait to live my future!

“The Future of Consulting, Get-Z style” can be read on the channels of Lumina, the consultancy agency of which you are part and where you hold the roles of Team Marketing Manager and Team Knowledge Manager respectively. What do you do and what do you think are the strong points of this project?

Arianna: I joined the Lumina team in the marketing department in May 2023. For me it was a leap into the void but instinctively I still decided to undertake this path with the aim of learning many things that were out there out of my comfort zone. In November I had the opportunity to become team manager, and if I have to be honest, at first the idea of ​​taking responsibility for a team with such dynamic tasks worried me. To date there are nine of us in the team, divided into junior, senior and manager, some more focused on managing Lumina’s Linkedin and/or Instagram page. Specifically, as a manager I check that the editorial plan of both social networks is uniform and linear not only in content, but also in the graphics and communication method we want to use, in order to be clear and transparent with our end customer . Furthermore, I care a lot about the fact that within my team there are values ​​such as collaboration, mutual support, the free expression of one’s ideas. Precisely because marketing is always evolving and changing, the team must also be flexible and dynamic. I want to make sure that every person feels important within the team and make sure that everyone can give 100% of themselves.

Tommaso: My adventure begins in May 2023 with the birth of Lumina. I am very happy to have entered (albeit modestly) into the world of consultancy already as a student.

I personally have a strong connection with this world as my father has always worked in a large consultancy company, and I do not deny that this is a great ambition and dream for me. For me Lumina represents an approach towards the future: we want to bring our “GenZ” approach to the various industries we come into contact with.

Since December I have been Manager of Team Knowledge, together with Lorenzo G. With Lorenzo and the team (Tessa C., Lisa P., Giorgia P, Carlotta M., Brando M., Alex F.,) we have a role of fundamental importance, as Knowledge is a central driver for innovation and growth. My team is dedicated to collecting and organizing information, facilitating ongoing training and professional development through resources and sharing platforms. I, as a Manager, ensure that the management, development and distribution of information are efficient and strategically aligned. It is my job to drive innovation and improvement through constant learning and knowledge sharing. Otherwise, Seniors in Knowledge are responsible for creating data rooms and transforming simple numbers into real strategies. The juniors, on the other hand, organize everything below, creating solid foundations for all of lumina.

Leading the Knowledge Team means building Lumina’s future, supporting it to adapt to new strategies and technologies and fostering an environment in which each member contributes to collective success.

What added value is this type of experience giving to your training?

Arianna: I think Lumina was one of the best opportunities offered by H-FARM College.
Through Lumina we have the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during lessons in real situations. This allows us to grow and take responsibility since we interface not only with other students, but also with managers and managers of national and international companies.

Furthermore, Lumina allowed me to closely observe the dynamics that arise when working in large groups, divided into departments, with different personalities and different tasks. Perhaps the greatest challenge we face is the recognition that we are all still learning and no one is superior or inferior to anyone else. Some may perhaps be more “confident” in consultancy than others, but in this context teamwork, mutual help, motivation, resourcefulness and curiosity play an essential role.

Tommaso: Studying at university while working in a consultancy company provides added value to training, allowing the practical application of academic theories in real contexts. This experience, Lumina, helps us develop essential soft skills including communication, teamwork and time management. It also offers valuable opportunities for networking with professionals in the sector, enriching the perspective of us students on the world of work, helping to enrich the curriculum and giving the opportunity to experience first-hand many realities that are potentially still distant from a student.

Furthermore, studying and working at the same time teaches us to effectively balance multiple responsibilities, developing in us a maturity and autonomy that will be advantageous throughout our career, and which will come in handy sooner or later. In summary, Lumina prepares us for professional success by enriching us with the skills, knowledge and versatility required in the contemporary job market.

In a constantly evolving scenario, your perspective as a digital native can certainly offer a lot to companies in terms of innovation and creativity. What is it like to deal with leading companies in different sectors every day?

Arianna: The daily interaction with companies certainly represents a stimulus and a challenge. Sometimes we are faced with problems and perspectives that go outside our habits and perhaps knowledge, pushing us to develop more flexible and creative thinking. Furthermore, we are always encouraged to develop our opinions and perspectives on different topics, allowing us to then concretely see what impact these have on the real world or on generations other than ours.
We are learning to “get serious”, working collaboratively, quickly and efficiently, in order to provide the customer with the best possible result.

Tommaso: For us at Lumina, dealing with companies on a daily basis is a stimulating challenge and a unique opportunity. Being digital natives allows us to bring a breath of fresh air into the corporate landscape, introducing innovative ideas and creative solutions using the latest trends and technologies. Furthermore, this allows us to anticipate market needs and respond quickly to changes, offering companies cutting-edge strategies to remain competitive.

However, comparison with consolidated realities requires continuous training and updating, as well as the ability to effectively communicate the value of our innovative proposals. Being able to combine our vision with the needs and expectations of leading companies requires flexibility, openness to dialogue and solid teamwork, things that we try to improve every day in Lumina and in us. Success in this dynamic environment is based on our ability to stay abreast of technological evolution, if not even anticipating trends, but at the same time maintaining a human and personalized approach in the solutions proposed. Ultimately, we seek to be not only providers of innovative solutions, but true strategic partners for the companies we collaborate with.