Inspirational Talk with Barbara Dalle Rive

Inspirational Talk with Barbara Dalle Rive
H-FARM - Via Sile, 44, 31056 Roncade TV

This week we’ve been inspired by the words of Barbara Dalle Rive,

As Head of Controlling and Analytics at Lidl Italia Srl, Barbara helps management at every level to implement appropriate measures for continuous improvement, transforming data into information useful to make decisions.

During the Talk she recalled her entire career journey, also addressing major issues like the challenges women face in male-dominated working fields.

About Barbara

After graduating in Economics at the University of Verona, she worked in the field of Controlling for companies in the industry and fashion retail sectors, like FIAMM, Gruppo Coin and OVS, and currently in the large-scale retail trade.

Barbara has developed a deep knowledge in the Controlling field, which she leverages in her daily work to support the company’s sustainable growth and the strategic goals achievement.

Barbara loves working with people and figures; she’s passionate about mountains and good readings.


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