Inspirational Talk with Erica Landonio

Inspirational Talk with Erica Landonio
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This week we hosted Erica Landonio, Head of Marketing @ScuolaZoo and @believe !🤩

Erica walked us through his professional path and important life events, focusing on choices, projects, and travels – highlighting patterns and reflecting on what she has learned so far.

From Intern to Head of Marketing in 5 years“: this is the title of her speech.

About Erica

Passionate about marketing, beauty and travel. Erica began her career creating content for a publishing company in the hair styling sector and then landed as a digital marketing strategist in UALA in 2018 during the scale up phase. One year after her entry, her experience in the field led her to move to the Paris office to become digital marketing manager and manage all the activities of the French market. In 2020 she returned to Italy to take on the role of Head of Marketing CRM of the Treatwell Group (formerly UALA) until 2023, when she met ScuolaZoo and became Head of Marketing. Her resourcefulness and expertise in the beauty sector led her in 2021 to found, a project created to digitize small local businesses, independent brands and SMEs working in the beauty sector.


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