Diego Pizzocaro appointed coordinator of the BSc in AI & Data Science

Diego Pizzocaro appointed coordinator of the BSc in AI & Data Science

The coordinator of the new Bachelor’s Degree in AI & Data Science, starting in September 2024, is Diego Pizzocaro, CEO of the new H-FARM AI project and expert in artificial intelligence and technological startups with a solid international background.

The choice to activate a new three-year degree course in AI, entirely in English, is linked to the growing centrality that this technology holds in relation to the available job positions. Partner of excellence for co-design and teaching of the training course is Microsoft Italia.

“I am extremely honored to take on the role of coordinator of the new Bachelor’s Degree in AI & Data Science in collaboration with Microsoft – a leading company in this new AI era. In a world where companies increasingly recognize the value of data and artificial intelligence for making informed decisions, this three-year course represents an exciting journey. Positioned in the fastest-advancing technological field, the program offers broad professional opportunities and opens doors to various industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, advertising, education and many others. Students will receive a solid foundation in the early years with foundational courses such as basic programming in Python, and data structures and algorithms. As they progress, they will develop vertical skills through the study of software engineering, databases and machine learning fundamentals.

In the final year, they will prepare and delve into statistics, big data and neural networks for machine learning, as well as gain practical experiences through internships and thesis projects. Our mission is to democratize access to these advanced technologies, ensuring that the benefits are equitably distributed and that every individual has the opportunity to contribute to a future in which AI becomes the key to human progress. We are excited to have the opportunity to train the next generation of leaders in the field of artificial intelligence and data science” underlines Diego.

About Diego

Diego Pizzocaro obtained a Doctorate (PhD) in Artificial Intelligence (multi-agent systems) from Cardiff University (UK) collaborating with prestigious organizations such as NATO, IBM, UK Ministry of Defense & US Army Research Labs. He was subsequently appointed Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University for his contribution to the field of Intelligent & Multi-agent Systems research.

He was CEO and co-founder of Sellf, a startup born in H-FARM in 2013 and awarded by Apple as one of the most innovative apps in Italy in 2015. He subsequently led the sale of Sellf to ForceManager in 2018, a scale-up tech in Barcelona where he held the role of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) until April 2024. At ForceManager, he integrated generative AI as a key element of his marketing team to improve efficiency and creativity and contributed to the design of new AI-based product features. Diego is also the co-founder of the OpenAccessGPT project, an open-source alternative to ChatGPT, which has gained significant media coverage due to its focus on privacy and data ownership. He was recently invited to participate in the prestigious and first international conference of OpenAI – the developer of the famous ChatGPT – held on November 6, 2023 in San Francisco. In H-FARM he is also co-organizer of the AI ​​CLUB and already holds courses on Generative AI and Introduction to AI to students and companies in collaboration with Microsoft Italy, the Ca’Foscari University of Venice and the University of Chichester.

An international speaker, consultant and trainer for entrepreneurs and large companies, Diego believes that AI will be the most significant technological change we have ever experienced.

Diego was recently appointed CEO of H-FARM AI, the new Research and Development laboratory for the creation of innovative AI-powered projects in the education, business and healthcare fields. H-FARM AI’s commitment and goal is to collaborate with the education, business and healthcare sectors, to design and develop AI solutions that improve quality of life, operational efficiency and the way which we learn. In all projects and initiatives undertaken by the new laboratory, a strong emphasis is placed on social impact, aiming to democratize access to artificial intelligence with the aim that the benefits of advanced technologies are shared equally between all strata of society.

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