Georgetown University students on Campus for a special learning experience

Georgetown University students on Campus for a special learning experience

From May 15th to 20th we had the pleasure of hosting 16 students from Georgetown University – McDonough School of Business on our campus, which, with its over 60 years of history, is one of the best American business schools. 

As part of an important partnership signed months ago, we have designed a customised learning experience for the students of Georgetown University, based on the usual format of the H-FARM College Challenges. The Challenges represent a perfect opportunity for the students to measure themselves with real business cases and put theoretical notions into practice: starting from a Challenge presented by a company, the students work in teams to develop original and unique ideas, which are then presented in a final pitch.

Partner of this specific initiative, with a truly international flavour, was EssilorLuxottica, world leader in the design, production and distribution of lenses, frames and sunglasses. 

For over two months, after dividing themselves into groups, the students of the American business school worked remotely, coordinated by H-FARM College and guided by EssilorLuxottica experts, on 4 challenges on different topics with smart eyewear as the common thread: from strategies of entry into a new market or to increase demand for products up to the co-creation of communities, passing through the ethical issues related to data collection through wearable devices. 

The final week of their journey took place right on our Campus: waiting for them was a very rich program of activities, both academic and otherwise, culminating in the day dedicated to the group pitches. 

There was no shortage of excursions and guided cultural visits – such as the visit to the Glasses Museum in Agordo, the tour to Venice and the Glass Museum in Murano.

Between cooking classes, breakfast connect and networking events, during their stay the students of Georgetown University were also able to get to know our students and the latter, in turn, interact not only with peers of different backgrounds and nationalities, but also with the faculty of the prestigious business school. Associate Professor of Georgetown University Canan Ulu held an exclusive workshop dedicated to H-FARM College students, entitled “Using business analytics for decision making: DC capital bike share case”. 

“Since the very beginning we were able to establish a great harmony between H-FARM College and Georgetown University. This model of collaboration made possible, on the one hand the achievement of the academic objectives and, on the other, the acquisition of business skills, to which the program was aiming since its inception. We involved a top-notch business partner, Essilor Luxottica, which triggered and fueled a unique innovation in the program. We were very satisfied to witness the engagement of all the people involved, at different levels, in this training experience, which began online and ended in our Campus. This was the first experience of a brand new ‘Study Abroad Program’ where H-FARM College will be partnering with universities worldwide, by offering an array of academic formats aligned with the vision and mission of international universities” underlines Silvia Dell’Acqua, Head of International and Corporate Relations at H-FARM College.

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