Audi and H-FARM: The new educational journey into the future

Audi and H-FARM: The new educational journey into the future

With the sixth wave, the training project involving our university students starts again, between research and innovation to discover a new starting point for the generations of tomorrow.

The sixth edition of Audi We Generation, the project produced together with Audi Italia, kicks off. The initiative takes the form of a journey-story into progress and features five university students talking and discussing how technological innovation can give concrete value to the word "sustainability".

Born out of the strategic collaboration between the four-ringed brand and SHADO, our media company, Audi We Generation allows selected students to take part in training activities with professionals in the field of digital and entrepreneurial transformation, confronting realities and personalities that embody the spirit of the brand.

Recent years bear witness to the fact that Generation Z is among those who feel the weight of the great climate issues the most and are aware that, in the challenging definition of the future, each of us can make a contribution through small everyday choices. Choices that impact our way of life, our ways of thinking, our purchasing and consumption habits.

The path-workshop, as in previous editions, takes its first steps from our Campus. A place where students, professionals, entrepreneurs and innovation enthusiasts can meet and develop new ideas to drive digital transformation. Here, during Futureshots 2023, which has just ended with a large number of innovators, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts in attendance, the We Generation guys kicked off the new season.

Using posts, stories and live stories typical of the language of this generation, they will document experiences and create content with an unprecedented storytelling, made up of images and messages with a high emotional impact, under the supervision, as in the past edition, of mentor Marcello Ascani, content creator, youtuber and entrepreneur. It will be him who will guide the five protagonists in the search for answers to their questions and among the new realities that the young generation will find along the way.

A path full of cues for personal and professional growth that, as part of this partnership, has led the youngsters of the past editions to meet personalities such as director Gabriele Mainetti, philosopher Maura Gangitano, Tim Miksche, founder of Audi Denkwerkstatt, the hub for incubating ideas and projects made in Audi, and science popularizer Adrian Fartade.