Personal Development Program presented today

Personal Development Program presented today

The Personal Development Program has been presented today. It is an innovative program aimed at H-FARM College students enrolled in programs in collaboration with the University of Chichester.

At H-FARM College we want to help students become the best version of themselves from day one. With this awareness, an innovative “Personal Development Program” has been presented today. Its first edition is aimed at a selection of three-year and master’s degree courses provided in partnership with the University of Chichester.

The program, developed by Professor Pierluigi Fasano, will start in November and will include different parts: 

  • Assessment: self-awareness is the foundation for personal growth and success. Using tools like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), one of the world’s most popular personality tools, students will gain valuable insights about their personality type, strengths and preferences
  • Personal Development Course, taught by professor Michela Barcella, Certified Professional Coach, founder and CEO @ Amygdal Lifesciences, Network and Portfolio Talent Advisor @ Panakes Partners 
  • Personal Discovery Path, taught by psychologist Ilaria Pernice. 

The program revolves around the development of soft skills, increasingly relevant in the world of work, considered ‘transversal’ and linked to the personality of the individual. As evidence of this, the latest edition of the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs” Report analyzes the evolution of the jobs and skills most requested by companies, highlighting how cognitive skills – including critical thinking, creative thinking, resilience , flexibility – not only are they among the 10 skills most requested by companies (Top 10 core skills 2023) but they will become increasingly important in the coming years (Top 10 skills on the rise, 2023-2027).

Among theoretical lessons and one-to-one coaching sessions, H-FARM College students will be able to get to know and “embrace” their strengths, learning to make the most of them also and above all in their relationships with the external world during and after university life. They will also understand what the areas for improvement are thanks to personalised individual paths.

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