Tips and tricks to make great your first days of College

Tips and tricks to make great your first days of College

If you’re starting university next year, you’re approaching a significant milestone in your life. As the academic year draws nearer, you may experience a range of emotions, from excitement to anxiety about the new journey ahead. 

Millions of students embark on their university journey every year, so rest assured that many others are feeling a bit nervous, just like you. However, it’s essential not to let anxiety take over. You can start your university experience on the right foot by knowing what to expect.

Here are some helpful tips to help you feel more confident and prepared to begin this exciting new adventure.

Gather information and be prepared

As summer comes to an end, it’s crucial to start gathering information to better understand how university life works. Universities often provide a Student Guide that should be your guideline resource before starting university. Also at H-FARM College, the Student Office provides all newly enrolled students with a handbook to help them arrive prepared on the first day of classes.

Carefully read all communications and the guide provided by your university. It can be helpful for creating a plan and keeping track of useful contacts, maps, academic information, platforms, calendar, and important deadlines to avoid feeling overwhelmed during the first few weeks of classes.

Participate in welcome activities and ask for help

The first day of college is always exciting and full of new experiences. Don’t miss out on all the campus events and activities. Attend the Welcome Day and participate in activities designed for new students. These events are an opportunity to familiarize yourself with campus facilities and meet the staff and professors who will support you throughout your academic journey.

Every year, also at H-FARM College freshmen are invited to Welcome Day, a thrilled and informative event to clarify any doubts and get to know the coordinators of various degree programs and student services. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and interact as much as possible with the help desks set up just for you.

This is the time to activate all your accounts, get to know the academic learning platforms, and familiarize yourself with student services.

Familiarize yourself with the campus and student services

During the first few weeks, don’t be afraid to explore the campus and get to know every building to avoid getting lost and arriving late to class.

Becoming familiar with the spaces and all the services offered will provide you with reference points from day one and help you start creating a personal plan for your semester to make everything much less stressful.

During the first week of classes at H-FARM College, each team also makes classroom visits to introduce themselves and provide practical and essential information. Take advantage of this opportunity to take notes, sign up for upcoming events, and ask lots of questions!

Build a plan for your first semester

After gathering all the information, it’s helpful to reflect on your desires and goals. We recommend focusing on one semester at a time and planning your personal and academic goals. Knowing your direction and having a clear sense of purpose will prevent you from losing your way and being overwhelmed by performance anxiety or the unknown.

You don’t know how to plan activities and build a personal schedule? You can ask the support services.

At H-FARM College, you can book an individual meeting with the Student Office to receive assistance with class schedules, deadlines, study plans, extracurricular courses, and much more. This will allow you to have a clearer direction.

If you need comfort or psychological support, you can also meet a Counselor, ready to provide you with excellent advice.

You’re not alone: meet new students and have fun! 

Take the initiative and try to step out of your comfort zone to meet new students and introduce yourself to others. Becoming part of the college community offers many benefits from mental health to academic career.

Meet new students by taking advantage of all the extracurricular initiatives organized by Student Life. Every university gives importance to events, sports, parties, conferences, clubs, and at H-FARM College, you’ll also find a wide range of these kinds of activities. 

Don’t miss any opportunity to make new friends, from H-FARM Radio to Clubs, Storming Pizza, Lunch Connect with professionals, and more. Expand your network by getting to know other students and the entrepreneurs who pass through our campus!

Also, remember that you can use the mentoring program called, here in H-FARM, the H-Buddy program. The Student Office has created a service exclusively for freshmen to facilitate meetings between new students and seniors. Who better than fellow students to give you advice and support during the semester?

Finally, remember that university is not just about studying and academic preparation for launching your professional career; it’s also a time full of new personal experiences and personal growth. You’ll remember the memories of your university life forever. Make the most of these years and build unforgettable memories with your classmates!

Gilda Cadorin, Student Office Manager   

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