Graduation Day Master Executive in Product Design and Communication

Graduation Day Master Executive in Product Design and Communication

Great satisfaction for the students of the Executive Master in Product Design and Communication, year 2022/23. The graduation ceremony took place today in the “Big Hall” conference room, in the presence of family and friends.

After the institutional welcome greetings from the director of the Master, Luciano Comacchio, Davide Borsoi and Giacomo Bonomo from Neiko, a multidisciplinary communication agency specializing in virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D configurators, spoke.

Addressing the audience, Davide, CEO of Neiko, explored the evolution scenarios of virtual reality applied to different sectors through the presentation of various case studies created by Neiko for their customers. In what was a real speech to discover the potential of new technologies, Davide emphasized the skills that the market requires in the digital communication sector, giving some precious advice to the students who would soon receive the diploma. Giacomo, a former Master’s student and now 3D artist at Neiko, then recounted his experience.

After the graduation ceremony, Antonella Sannella, Executive Director of H-FARM College, welcomed the new graduates to our Alumni Club. Because as we always say: once a Farmer, always a Farmer.


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